Friday, July 1, 2011

Sketchbook: Sketch Three

Um, whaaat?! JULY 1ST? how is this even possible?
i have BIG plans for July. a busy month- lots of events, travel, family in town and of course, fun scrappy projects up my sleeve.
Which of course entails continuing with Sketchbook 3. I'm seriously having a blast with the sketches. i feel like i could easily do 3-4 LOs per sketch. quite frankly, i just might do that. once i complete this initial 13, i might just go back and do 'em again. they're so inspiring! on to Sketch Three:

"So Peachy"
i made that peach cobbler last 4th of July. and just a few more days til i make it agian- mmmMMmmm! ;)

i call pages like these "Studio Calico Mutts" bc its a mash-up of kit products, retail lines, kit exclusive papers, etc. For this page the sun ray PP is SC paper from "Joyland", the chicken wire is CS paper from "Lawn Party". Also in the mix: several "Elementary" papers + "State Fair" die-cuts.

i hope everyone has a faaabulous 4th of July- its one of my very favorite holidays and i really go all out. i cant wait to hear all all of you celebrated! (pics! blog posts!)