Monday, April 11, 2011

New Beginnings..

hello friends ;) if you follow me on Twitter you'll know that something BIG is brewing here. Something that has me excited & liberated and so busy i havnt had time to stop, breathe, blink, sleep or blog. well, last wednesday (my birthday- WOOT!) seriously, OUT OF THE BLUE (having never really kicked an idea such as this around before) J and I decided we are ready for a change. Colorado is incredible, but was never our FOREVER location. while we love it here (our friends, family, its gorgeous beyond words, fabulous events in Denver, etc) it was just time for us to make a change. we are both highly motivated, inspired people. both with heaps of ambitions and goals we want to see ourselves & each other achieve. so we mutually agreed within a split second- lets do this. go big or go home -we decided to sell the house. and quickly. we made the decision wednesday afternoon, had a realtor by the evening. we met with them thursday, i began the cleaning/sorting/packing project friday, had our home inspection saturday... everything is on track to sell our house in about 30 days.

next you ask? well here's where the full liberation comes into play. what has us endlessly excited. my life goal has to always been to be east (New England/NYC, etc) and thats where i want to be, espcially for my career. so i decided my son & i are going to spend the spring & summer in my hometown of Tulsa (ALLISON!! its going to be AMAZING!!) it will be the best ever- loads of my friends are there & all of my family is there. i'll continue school there, BBQs, the river, Drillers games, picnics, weekend trips, CKC- endless good times. J is going to spend the summer backpacking with his BFF (something they have had planned for ages) and then join us in Tulsa and we'll take it from there. Be in Tulsa all together a bit longer, then find ourselves building our new lives on the East Coast and never looking back :) we are so happy and excited. new beginnings. here's the kicker (hence my Twitter countdown) the boy & I are leaving for Tulsa MAY FIRST! 3 & half weeks from The Decision, now 3 full weeks from yesterday. I have to get this 3000 sq foot, 4 bedroom & 4 bath house 100% packed up, all while keeping some normalcy about our schedule to the end (going to the gym, hot tubbing, bowling, dinners, book club, 30 Seconds to Mars concert, several goodbye parties) So basically no sleep for this girl :) you guys know me, i THRIVE on chaos. on my birthday, in the morning i sat down with my notebook & hot pink sharpie pen and made my 28 List. later that night, after The Decision and i had managed to get my hurricane of thoughts to sub-side, i pulled my list back out and said" i can and i WILL still do/accomplish every bit of this" (which i will blog at a later date) i am seriously so happy, so motivated, so inspired. i cannot wait to see where this adventure takes myself, my boy & J. thanks for listening! XOXO Leigh

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sketchbook: Sketch 1

everyone loves scrapbooker extraordinaire, the fabulous Miss Kelly Purkey. every single page she creates is amazing beyond words, she's one creative lady and inspires me all the time. when my dear friend Jamie asked Miss KP if she would be having another Sketchbook class and Kelly said YES, i knew i was ON BOARD. i've been looking fwd to it beginning for a few weeks now & was thrilled to recieve my first skstch pdf yesterday. i got right to work during the afternoon and i love my page :)

"Date Night" i love this page :) i love the pink & red Studio Calico bird rub-ons, accented by the red alphas & pink dotted paper- all on top of the faaaaabulous soft green teal Studio Calico grid. also, i loved the space that allowed to tell the full accidental date night story.

keep checking back- i am in full creative Sketchbook swing, there be new pages and posts every couple of days :) XOXO Leigh