Thursday, September 27, 2012

The 28 Blog Hop!

welcome! if finding yourself here from Kate's blog- hi! my name is Leigh, nice to meet you :)
When my sweet friend Jamie asked if i would be interested in a doing a blog-hop to celebrate her 28th birthday, I JUMPED at the chance. Jamie is one of the sweetest, articulate, talented people that i have been blessed to know. make sure to wish her a HAPPY 28TH!!

 (About Me)
For those who don't know me, my name is Leigh. I am in my late 20s (a fact i refuse to acknowledge) a mother to the most amazing 6 year-old boy ever and wife to j- the love of my life. I manage both a high end handbag store & a makeup store, two of  my favorite things in the world. Party planning is my lifes passion and i love to throw dinner parties ("candlelight suppers"- bahaha!) if you follow me on twitter  (or read this blog!) you'll know i'm THE girliest sci-fi girl you'll ever meet. i live and breathe for Bane, fashion, Doctor Who, shopping, Alice in Wonderland, traveling, glitter, ANYTHING pink, nail polish  & Hello Kitty.

(My 28 Project)
When Jamie presented the "28" concept, i was intrigued and mulled it over for a few days. and then BAM it hit me. 28 Pieces. and within a split second  i knew exactly what i wanted to create & share.
28 Pieces. This page is SO me, so RIGHT NOW, that it brings a smile to my face every single time i look at it. I used my Studio Calico Calico "Brooklyn Flea" kit + "Salvaged" add-on, with a couple sheets of blue & purple cardstock and some PP from Studio Calico "Autumn Press" and "Abroad" collections, and the star of the show, the Fiskars XL puzzle piece punch.
 it is JUST. SO. ME. :)

 Jamie has assembled some truly fantastic girls in the 28 blog party- make sure to comment each one for a chance to win the grand prize- a $28* voucher to the online retailer of your choice: Studio Calico, Two Peas in a Bucket or Simon Says Stamp. (* okay, its really $30 but $28 fits the theme just SO MUCH better- hee!) 

GO HERE NEXT ---->Lillian

 thank you so much for stopping by to share my 28 project! it means alot. when you're done hoppin' - make sure to finish up at Jamie's blog to tell her you commented all :) 
come back this way soon!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Project Life: Week 7

back again, playing catch up with posting my Project Life. We're up to VALENTINES DAY now. crikey!
this spread is only 99.9% done, i added some smaltzy journaling to the card on the right. This week: fun brunch, only snow day of the school year, Valentines, new books/mags,  especially epic SNL (STEFON! eep! i adore Bill Hader)
and that's Week 7. there are still oh-so-many more until we're caught up. see you soon lovely readers :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project Life: Week 6

i know. 
i dont wanna talk about it.
 this is Week 6 of Project Life. (February) and now its JUNE. i have nothing to say for myself, i fell HARD off the "Posting What I've Done" wagon.. so bear with me as i update frequently until i'm caught up :)
 i loved this week. i used products from ALL over the place and love the result. Week 6 covered seeing my sweet friend Katie and her adorable daughter, the Jason Wu collection, Superbowl, visit to Whole Foods, girls lunch out, cute cupcakes and tons of fun purchases :)

thanks for looking and not judging me too hard- haha! expect an influx of posting as i cover the last FOUR MONTHS!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Buds & Blooms

i love pages like these :) As you've heard me say before, i call these "Studio Calico Mutts" ;) Combining kits (in this case, "County Fair" with "Shooting Gallery" and "Kissing Booth"add-ons) with retail lines (Autumn Press & Memoir), along with stamps (the original polaroid from "On The Easel") and some odds & ends (the Dear Lizzy Enchanted tag) and voila!
i took these photos of our little rosebush last Tuesday and had this page scrapped by Thursday night :)
thank you for stopping by!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to me :)
I have been a bad, bad blogger. :(
i didnt blog at all in the month of March. i promise to resolve that. i have so many projects to share, my birthday list, something like 7 weeks of Project Life to post (oh man. thats embarassing), my "Whats in my Bag" post for March, summer plans, fashion & beauty finds and loves and so on. so please bear with me, i promise to be back with a vengeance once i make it through this birthday & easter weekend.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Project Life: Week 5

i fell a teensie bt behind in posting my Project Life album- yikes! But better late than never. i know i carry on & on about the PL being amazing- esp. when i noticed it was becoming a wonderful stash killer for all the little bits. Well, i got to thinking i could begin to use Studio Calico kits in just this manner, to eventually get them "killed" ("Kit Killing" is another one of my Scrap-O-Loutions" for 2012. thats another post- coming soon!)
So for Week 5, i pulled out my Sudio Calico "Boardwalk" & "Sea Glass" add-on kit. (I am SOCLOSE to killing them. eep!) i didnt have any stresses about the product matching the week perfectly. i just put it all together, using the "cobalt" base kit & cardstock, of course. i LOVE the results!

This week: beautiful sunset, cute bandaids, sweet picture text from J, my favorite songs this week, Groundhog Day, "Inception" cookies, going to see "Scary Harry" (AKA "The Woman in Black")

i used an American Crafts six 4x6 horizontal page protector on the left and a WRMK Sleeve #6 on the right. i ADORE the shapes & sizes of the WRMK ones but, i wish they were absolutely, perfectly clear (like Becky Higgins' PL ones. they are perfect)

Stop back soon, i have Week 6 prepped & ready and i'm finishing up Week 7 as well.
have a wonderful weekend all!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whats in My Bag - Feb 2012

hello lovelies. one of my "Blog-O-Loutions" for 2012 was to make my blog more ME. not just a scrappy blog, but incorporate all aspects of my life (day to day tidbits, fashion, shopping, etc etc) One of my absolute favorite features I love to read on style blogs are the "Whats in My Bag" photos. So i decided it is something I'd like to begin sharing with my friends & followers. (and it makes a FAB pic of the day for Project Life- wink!)

I LOVE bags. I'm one of those crazy Bag Ladies. I change 'em every 3-4 weeks and I carry everything under the sun around with me at all times. 9x outta 10, I am rocking a suitcase on my shoulder, wink! I only carry clutches when we're going out or a crossbody when we're at a ball game or walking Riverside. (you take your stuff with you on Riverside- haha!)

Currently I'm carrying the torquoise leather Spectator Glam Tote from Coach. This color has my heart. I GASPED when I first saw it. I am HUGE on tags & charms and what-nots, so I clipped a pink Coach glitter watermelon & Coach bejeweled pig charms on it. I stuck one of my classic Barbie key rings in there and tied a piece of pink ribon I liked on there too. Its going to look a like a gypsy bag by the time I'm done ;) Theres no rhyme or reason to any of it. I just like what I like :)
I'm using the grey patent leather Coach capacity wristlet as my wallet currently. I like the sysytem. Its what holds receipts & coupons. Then I have the orchid patent leather Coach card case with my ID, debit & credit cards. thats all. I was OVER carrying all bazillion store-specific cards with me wherever I went. All those stores just have that info on file, they can pull up my account with my phone #. also in there:
- patent cupcake makeup bag (see below)
- crazy Paperchase camera case
- Pottery Barn strawberry cupcake notepad (its like they KNOW me, haha!)
- dual ended pink Sharpie (I cannot make it through the day ithout Sharpies.)
- pink Hello Kitty pen from Swarovski
- Coach Tattersall mini-skinny (I've had this for-freakin-ever and I still love it. its practically vintage- hahaha!)
- lemom Icebreakers cube gum (HAVE YOU HAD THIS?!? get some NOW. its like lemonade, oh man)
- Pink Chiffon body splash from BBW. (if you follow my Twitter feed, you know I'm currently losing my mind over this scent. I have EVERY SINGLE bit of it. its amazing.)
- EOS berry hand lotion (they make the lip balm n the colorful balls [see below] and I love their lotion. cute slim packaging, perfect size for in a bag)

I dumped out my cupcake makeup bag for this pic. something you should know, I am a makeup MAVEN. If shopping for (and wearing) lip gloss,nail polish, scrubs, masks, toners, shadows, blushes, plumpers and peels were an Olympic sport- I would definiely place on the podium, hee. Admittedly, i have A WHOLE LOT. I literally change this bag every single day.
and no. your eyes do not decieve you. there are EIGHT kinds of lip gloss in there today. bc I am ridiculous. and an addict- hahaha!

- BBW strawberry-infused "Honey Licious" balm. (I've been singing this balm praises for about a week now. it has changed my life. get some!)
- mango Burts Bees
- BBW Aruba Cocunut glitter gloss (oh man. its like a glitterbomb Pina Colada)
- peach SkinnyGirl plumper (best plumper I've ever used. Bethenny knocked it outta park with this line)
- clear SkinnyGirl caffine gloss
- Victorias Secret Strawberry Fizz Beauty Rush
- EOS Starwberry (cuest balm packaging ever)
- BBW BubbleMint Menta-Shine (FAAAAAB!)
- L'Oreal Flexilash (or something. i dunno what its called- haha)
- Visine for contacts (my contacts pick fights with me on a daily basis- I constanly need drops)
- Butter "Henley Regatta" polish for touch ups today
- Bare Minerals Mineral Veil compact. (w/o exaggeration, this changed my life. I used to carry a pot of Mineral Veil & a brush everywhere until this fall whem BM *finally* created a compact. its perfect. the coverage is fabulous. I recommend it whole heartedly)

well thats this month :)
as always, thank you for stopping by!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Life: Week 4

Eeep! I am posting my Week 4 recap about a week and half too late- BLOG FAIL. I do have Week 5 done & ready to go so be sure to check back this weekend.
what a fun week :) the left page is 8x10 and i used the whole page for Sunday, with Mon-SAT in the page protector on the right. Like previous weeks, i used A TON of stash- what a wonderful added bonus to the project! a major stash killer :)
Week 4 included: crazy weekend shenanigans, a downtown adventure, my boy being cute, J's trip to TX, my bro-in-law's Air Force graduation and the packaging of a new Alice in Wonderland Vinylmation i got (OBSESSED with 'em!)

Have wonderful weekend all! Check back soon!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Project Life: Week 3

here we are again.
each week my love for this project grows & grows. It is really amazing to share it with J, our friends and our family, everyone has really taken to it. J said to me yesterday "why dont you ALWAYS do this?" :) it LOVE to see our small details captured.i used a full sized 8x10 page on the right, friday on top & saturday on bottom. i have box of "go to" PL supplies (labels galore, flat sticker letters, SMASH, etc) but it is really proving to be a great stash killer for all the misc "perfect" bits to add to each day! (fabulous added bonus)
This week: gorgeous MLK Day, Skype with J (case in point: PERFECT little rainbow from KI Memories for the Skype. love it!), a gorgeous sunrise, Positive Action at school, "Beauty & the Beast" 3D and Starbucks breakfast date with my boy. (why hello again October Afternoon CB piece. you are proving to be handy!)
and thats week 3. Week 4 is gonnabe a fun one, i already know. there has been alot of shenanigans in my crazy life :)
thanks for reading! please leave me a comment with your PL pages as well. i love them all!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Project Life: Week 2

i could scream it from the rooftops. such a wonderful feeling to document throughout the week and see it all come together. All my friends and family already love the concept and first two weeks. the PL community is a great one: i LOVE reading PL blogs and looking through the Studio Calico gallery. such amazing inspiration!

(yep, thats my son's face concealed by an October Afternoon Sasparilla chipboard piece- haha!)
I loved starting off with the "halfsie" and since i had a cpuple of pics i really liked from our Riverside sunday brunch, it basically became a quick 6x12 page :)
This week: brunch, Studio Calcio kit delivery, more new Harajuku Minis goodies, first snow, amazing lunch at whole foods, book orders and more :)

Thanks for stopping by! i will have Week 3 and more posted this week :) leave me a comment/link to your blog- i wanna EVERYONES Project Life layouts!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Life: Week One

Happy New Year sweet friends! Its mind blowing how quickly 2011 came and went. What an incredible, life changing, whirlwind year it was. It was full of change and it was amazing and here's to 2012 topping it! :)

It feels good to be back to blogging, i fell off the wagon a bit in 2011 and aim to resolve that :) I have so much to share, so many moments and layouts and all sorts of eye candy!

First up, Week 1 of Project Life.
words completely fail me on happy i am to have started PL this year. I have been intrigued by the concept the past few years but it just never felt .. right to start it in the previous years. Its hard to put into words, but this was THE TIME. and just one week in- its already amazing. Picking supplies and developing a system ,seeing the recap layout come together.. so fun. I'm already excited about the upcoming week ;)

i purchased the Cobalt core kit, cardstock & album, as well as a plethora of various sized page protectors. I have a special area just for PL stuff, to keep the supplies relatively simple, as to not imperede to creative process each Sunday night. besides the Cobalt kit, i have LOADS of journal cards, tags, Smash items, washi tapes & date stamps. I plan on doing a "PL Products" post, at some point in this adventure.
SO, this week: drinks on New Years day, writing letters & making cards for my brother-in-law in basic, back to school, J trip to CO, tons of happy mail & a gorgeous day at the park :)

Cant wait to see what this New Year brings all of us!
Happy 2012!